Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Friendly Woodwork

After reading NBB's last post on variances, and the helpful-husband-of-the-woman-in-the-park, it seems people are coming out of the woodwork to give us a hand. Considering the daunting and long list of tasks/steps we need to take to make this project a reality, I welcome any and all help.

  • Patty runs with someone who also works at the city, and also might be able to help us with our zoning application.

  • If we manage to swing the private sale with DPR and NBB's landloard, our Realtor said he'd help us do up the paperwork and make sure everything is in order, for free.

  • One of my co-worker's husbands is an architect, and is brimming with tips, contacts and ideas for us four potential homebuilders. A warm belly full of tapas and wine is our only fee.

I have no doubts that as our adventure progresses, more helpful folk will emerge.

Just where is this "woodwork" that these helpful people are coming from? I want to visit there. It sounds like a nice, pleasant place, with peppermint trees, lemonade springs, and hens that lay soft-boiled eggs.

Oh wait, that's Big Rock Candy Mountain. I like that place too.

1 comment:

NeverBeenBarbie said...

Hmm. You raise an interesting point. Do you suppose we're actually being helped by benevolent termites?

Whoever they are, as long as they keep those helping hands extended, I'm happy to call them "friend."