Monday, June 18, 2007

On the topic of building variances

Still not sure if I'm using the term correctly, but...

Yesterday Rob, Milo, and I went to the park right across the street -- one of the main reasons why we're so desperate to stay in this neighbourhood, if possible -- and met up with one of the local moms and her little boy who we've seen at the park many times before.

While I was chasing Milo from one edge of the park to the other, Rob and this other mom struck up a conversation which somehow led to him mentioning that we were exploring the idea of building a duplex on our lot (provided we could get our landlord to sell it to us for a decent price) -- but that we'd need to get a building variance to allow us to build a larger dwelling than we're currently zoned for.

Well. Turns out that her husband is the development planner for this exact neighbourhood. In other words, he's precisely the person we need to talk to in order to get our building plan approved.

And according to his wife, he's probably going to be very amenable to our ideas. She says his new boss is very "rule-bendy."

Huzzah, huzzah!

You know, it's serendipitous encounters like this that make me think doing the right thing.

Fingers crossed, everyone...

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