Saturday, June 30, 2007

The agony of waiting

Hey P and Daddy L -- just wanted to give you a quick update. The Pirate called our landlord a couple of weeks, but never got an answer (and no answering machine either).

However, we just called now and talked to his wife. Turns out they've had out-of-town guests staying with them and were planning on calling us Monday, after their guests left, to "sit down and have a chat."

Of course, we'll be in Indiana that day, so the chat is going to have to wait until after we get back on the 8th. But the fact that she said they had plans to follow up with us on the subject is a good sign.


We'll give you a call once we get back from the States and will keep you updated on anything we find out!

Cheers and happy Canada Day!

1 comment:

Daddy L said...

And we thought you were ignoring us... Hope you guys are having a good trip. Talk to you when you get back.