Saturday, June 16, 2007

I just called my landlord

Yup, I phoned him. But he wasn't home.

However, I did talk to his wife, Wanda, and told her that we want to buy the house we're currently renting. And I told her we just got approved for a mortgage. And I told her that we really, really want to buy it.

Did I say too much? Give away my hand? I'd just like to let the rest of you know that I'm not a good negotiator.

Anyway, Wanda said we should get together, have some tea, and talk about it.

I'm going to look at pictures and plans for modular housing, sustainable home design, prefab and steel frame construction, and houses made from shipping containers. What do you guys think about living in old shipping containers?


NeverBeenBarbie said...

So has he returned your call? Have you set a date to talk with him yet? Have you, have you, huh?


Daddy L said...

So have you talked to your landlord yet?

NeverBeenBarbie said...

Yeah, Rob finally got in touch with him this afternoon. Fat lot of good that does us, though, given that we're off to Indiana for a week.

More in a post above...